Welcome to the United Realms' WIki page, we hope it is to your liking! This community is for those who wish to get away from noob mate-beggers of Bonfire and Creepy Pasta in the Tunnels.

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Things You'll Need To Know About United Realms


  • No more than 1 user character per group/pack/clan. It's unfair to smaller groups if you have a group of pretty much the same user and it is inactive.
  • Download the maps as soon as you can, if that is going to take a bit, tell your lord/alpha/clan leader so they can announce it at the weekly gathering.
    • We won't be posting it publicly as it could bring in unwanted guests.
  • If a group/pack/clan become inactive on the maps, their land will open up for claim, they will need to fight for it. If your group is inactive for a reason, leaders/lords/alphas will need to contact one of the Wiki Admin.


Territory Claiming System

  • Before you can claim land, you must make a wiki page for your group/pack/clan. If you can not do so, ask one of the Staff members.Create An Account.
  • Add a Pack/Group/Clan Page.
  • Check the Territories page to see which land is and is not claimed.
    • If there is more than one camp in the map, it will be stated on the map's page.
  • Add your claim to your Pack/Group/Clan page and the Territories page.